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A menagerie of deadly monsters for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

This bestiary is for storytellers & world creators. If you have ever supposed about running a Dungeons & Dragons game for your friends, either a one night’s adventure or a long-running campaign, this PDF book contains page after page of motivation. It is your final destination for creatures both malevolent & benign.

Some of the creatures that dwell in the worlds of D&D have heritages rooted in real-world mythos and fantasy literature. Other creatures are Dungeons & Dragons originals. The monsters in D&D 5E Monster Manual book have been discarded from all earlier editions of the game. Herein you will discover typical critters such as the beholder & the displacer monster next to other recent creations such as the chuul and the twig blight. Common monsters mingle with the weird, the frightening, and the ridiculous. In gathering monsters from the past, we have endeavored to reflect the multidimensional nature of the game. D&D monsters come in all shapes & sizes, with stories that not only excite us but also make us cheerful.

If you are a skilled Dungeon Master, a limited amount of monster reports might surprise you, for we have gone into the 5th Edition D&D Monster Manuals of yore and revealed some long lost factoids. We have also got a few new twists. Nothing we say here is envisioned to restrict your creativity. If shipbuilders and pirates are the minotaurs in your world, who are we to communicate with you?  It is your world, after all.

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The greatest thing about being a Dungeon Master is that you get to create your own fantasy world & bring it to life, and nothing gets a D&D world to live other than the creatures that dwell in it. You might read a monster’s entry and be encouraged to make an adventure revolving around it, or you might have a tremendous idea for a dungeon and need just the right monsters to occupy it. That’s where the Monster Manual PDF comes in handy.

The Monster Manual is 1 of 3 books that form the foundation of the Dungeons & Dragons game, the other 2 being the Player’s Handbook PDF & the Dungeon Master’s Guide PDF. The Monster Manual 5E, like the DMG, is a book for DM’s. Use it to crowd your D&D adventures with stinky troglodytes, pesky goblins, mighty dragons, savage orcs, and a real horde of creepy crawlies.

Rules for making encounters with monsters can be found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide PDF. That book also covers wandering monster tables and other perks to help you use the monsters in 5E Monster Manual book in interesting ways, as well as instruction for altering monsters and making your own.

If you have never run an adventure earlier, we recommend that you pick up the D&D Starter Set PDF, which shows how to take a bunch of monsters and form an exciting adventure around them.

D&D Monster Manual 5th edition book holds ready-to-play, easy-to-run monsters of all levels, & for almost every environment and territory imaginable. Whether your adventure takes place in a wetland, a dungeon, or the surface planes of existence, there are creatures in this PDF to populate that environment.

Download D&D 5E Monster Manual PDF For Free

Also Download Monster Manual Errata V.1.1 & Monster By Challenging Rating Index

Introduction 4 Gnome, Deep (Svirfneblin) 164 Revenant 259

Aarakocra 12 Goblins 165 Roc 260

Aboleth 13 Colems 167 Roper 261

Angels 15 Gorgon 171 Rust Monster 262

Animated Objects 19 Grell 172 Sahuagin 26

Ankheg 21 Grick 173 Salamanders  265

Azer 22 Griffon 174 Satyr 267

Dungeons And Dragons 5E PDF

Banshee 23 Grimlock 175 Scarecrow 268

Basilisk 24 Hags 176 Shadow 269

Behir 25 Half-Dragon 180 Shambling Mound :” 70

Beholders 26 Harpy 181 Shi eld Guardian 271

Blights 31 Hell Hound 182 Skeletons 272

Bugbears 33 Helmed Horror 183 Slaadi  274

Bulette 34 Hippogriff 184 Specter 279

Bullywug 35 Hobgoblins 185 Sphinxes 280

Cambion 36 Homunculus 188 Sprite  283

Carrion Crawler 37 Hook Horror 189 Stirge 284

Centaur 38 Hydra 190 Succubus/Incubus 285

Chimera 39 Intellect Devourer 191 Tarrasque 286

Chuul 40 Invisible Stalker 192 Thri-kreen 288

Cloaker 41 Jackalwere 193 Treant 289

Cockatrice 42 Kenku 194 Troglodyte 290

Couatl 43 Kobolds 195 Troll 291

D&D 5E Books PDF

Crawling Claw 44 Kraken 196 Umber Hulk 292

Cyclops 45 Kuo-toa 198 Unicorn 293

Darkmantle  46 Lamia 201 Vampires 295

Death Knight 47 Lich 202 Water Weird 299

Demilich 48 Lizardfolk 204 Wight 300

Demons ” 50 Lycanthropes 206 Will-o’-wisp  301

Devils : 66 Magmin 212 Wraith 302

Dinosaurs 79 Manticore 213 Wyvern 303

Displacer Beast 81 Medusa 214 Xorn 304

Doppelganger 82 Mephits 215 Yetis 305

Dracolich 83 Merfolk 218 Yuan-ti 307

Dragon, Shadow 84 Merrow 219 Yugoloths 311

Dragons 86 Mimic 220 Zombies’ 315

Dragon Turtle 119 Mind Flayer 221

Dungeons And Dragons 5E Monster Manual

Drider 120 Minotaur 223 Appendix A: Miscellaneous

Dryad 121 Modrons 224 Creatures 317

Duergar 122 Mummies 227 Appendix B: Nonplayer

Elementals 123 Myconids 230 Characters 342

Elves: Drow 126 Nagas 233 Index of Stat Blocks 351

Empyrean 130 Nightmare 235

Ettercap 131 Nothic 236

Ettin 132 Ogres 237

Faerie Dragon 133 Oni 239

Flameskull 134 Oozes 240

Flumph 135 Orcs 244

Fomorian 136 Otyugh 248

Fungi 137 Owlbear 249

Galeb Duhr 139 Pegasus 250

Gargoyle 140 Peryton 251

Genies 141 Piercer 252

Ghost 147 Pixie 253

Ghouls 148 Pseudodragon 254

Giants 149 Purple Worm 255

Gibbering Mouther 157 Quaggoth 256

Gith 158 Rakshasa 257

D&D Monster Manual PDF

Gnolls 162 Remorhazes 258

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